We know it’s hard……


Deciding your favorite popcorn flavor can prove to be a daunting task here at Freedom Snacks. With over 70 flavors to choose from we completely understand, so we made this list of our TOP 5 SELLERS.


1. Sea Salt Caramel: This is by far our top seller! It is a delicious buttery and crispy caramel topped with just the right amount of salty goodness.  A winner for sure!

sea salt caramel

2. American Cheddar: Move over Cheetos! There is a new game in town.  Our salty and uber cheesy popcorn is easy to mow through pretty quickly, so we helped by putting this one in a bigger bag.

cheddar bacon

3. Fruity Confetti:  Can’t make up your mind?   No prob!   Fruity confetti has 10….. count ‘em…10 different fruity flavors all mixed together.  Many people find it fun to sit around a campfire guessing the flavor.

confetti (1)

4. Kettlecorn:  This one just can’t be beat.  You can find Kettlecorn at just about any fair and there’s a reason….. It’s good.  The perfect mix of sweet and salty, but we go the extra mile and add just a little extra love in the sifting process so there is a lot less seeds.

kettlecorn gourmet popcorn

5. Chicago: Made famous in, you guessed it…. Chicago, this is another great example of sweet and salty.  We mix our scrumptious cheddar and our buttery sweet caramel together and they liked each other! Don’t knock it ’til you try it.


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