Freedom Snacks Gourmet Popcorn Fundraising Program Options

Freedom Snacks offers everyone’s favorite snack at a great value. Fundraising with Freedom Snacks gives you the Freedom to choose a fundraiser that works best for you. Choose to buy by the case or pre-book using our colorful order forms.

Fundraising should be fun and with our friendly and prompt service you can be sure that fundraising with Freedom Snacks will be simple, affordable and make some awesome profits!


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What size are the bags?

Our bags hold 6-7 cups of popcorn, depending on flavor.

How many bags come in a case?

When selling direct, cases come 24 bags/case.  When pre-selling we pack them most effeciently to reduce shipping costs (anywhere from 24-36 depending on flavors).

Do you offer custom labels

Yes we do! Contact your fundraising sales rep for details.

Do you take Checks?

Yes, we accept checks and all major credit cards

How long will it take for me to get my popcorn once I place the order?

Depending on the order size fulfillment; can take 1-3 weeks.